New Launch Condo vs.
Resale Condo

A PropertyLimBrothers Webinar

Everyone loves new things, but is every New Launch worth buying into? We’ve even seen New Launches underperform on their launch dates, does it still guarantee profit or would that foreshadow a negative return on investment when it comes to an exit?

But if space is priority, is it more prudent to invest in older, albeit larger, condos despite the potential uncertainty regarding appreciation?

If you’re torn between having a brand new compact-sized condo or a resale condo that is larger in size, then be sure not to miss this upcoming webinar presented by Melvin Lim, co-founder and CEO of PropertyLimBrothers!

Learn to identify and outweigh the differences in potential upsides these two properties offer in the long run, as Melvin goes deep into the nuances of buying into these properties, so you can make the right decision for your future!

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New Launch Condo vs. Resale Condo