Deborah Guo

CEA Reg. No: R065641J / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

A fitness fanatic and an equally health-conscious individual, Deborah has branched out from her qualification in sports science and experience from working in business development and corporate wellness at an overseas gym, to join us at PropertyLimBrothers. Deborah has once backpacked solo around Europe, across 13 cities in 52 days, all under a $5,000 budget. It’s safe to say she’s ready for any challenge. As a highly adaptable person, she’s someone who you can definitely level with, and is someone who will deliver results against all odds.

Testimonies for Deborah Guo

  • Mervin Chia
    Google Review

    Deborah Guo & Melvin Chan has been most helpful, and accommodating, from the time we engaged them and through the process of selling our place, as well as looking for a new home 🏠. They took time to explain the timelines and followed up with us, keeping track of the submission of documentation so that it’ll be optimal to our interests. They more than adequately explained any queries my wife or I had, pertaining to the considerations when selling, and units that we were interested in. This helped us make better informed deliberations, and to-be decisions. The strategy and marketing were so well positioned that had our place was optioned before the promotional video was out! Both Melvin and Deb were relational, and it was a pleasant experience working with them! They went the extra mile to drive us for the home-viewings 😃 All in all, the sale of our place went very smoothly because of their professional advice 🙏

  • Htet Hlaing
    Google Reviews

    We engaged Deborah and Yan Yan for our first home and glad we did. They are dedicated, sincere and we had good chemistry too. Thank you for assisting with our first home and we will see you again for our future property journey 😊👍🏼👍🏼

  • Joey Tan
    Google Reviews

    I can wholeheartedly say that Deborah, Tiffany and Beatrice from PropertyLim Brothers are the best team who made my entire resale flat purchase journey such a seamless and awesome experience. They are very professional, responsive and offered the best guidance that made me feel assured every step of the way. They did a fantastic job liasing with the sellers, were very punctual at every appointment, were concise and clear with letting me know the various timelines and things i need to do. As they work in a team, every time i had a question, the response was immediate, i love that the service provided was top notch. I have met my fair share of agents from other companies and I must say I have been the most impressed with them. My entire flat purchase journey of 5 months was such a breeze because of them. Best of all, in addition to the excellent service provided, they have wonderful personalities and are always so engaged and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommended that you look for this team when looking to sell or buy your next flat. It is very important to have very good agents in such an important decision. I feel very happy to have the great fortune of encountering them.

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