Angela Yee

CEA Reg. No.: R065230E / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

Angela has a passion for making things happen. With 9 years of sales experience, she believes genuine and long-term relationships with her clients matter. her advocacy for efficiency, perseverance and two-way communication enables Angela to ease clients through the process of letting go “The Dream Home”, enabling a smooth and transparent experience. Coupled with her digital marketing background, she understands the driving forces of PropertyLimBrothers, and aims to push boundaries together with the team.

Testimonies for Angela Yee

  • Daniel Ee
    Google Review

    We have been looking for an apartment on and off around Bukit Panjang Plaza and chance upon this very unit at 181 Jelebu Road for viewing. My wife Esther contacted Angela Yee and she showed us around the apartment. She tell you the cons and pro of the unit and as the unit was furnished tastefully to us. We decided to put down an option to purchase. Although Angela Yee represent the seller, her help in getting us the info and how to facilitate the purchase helped smoothen the process. We even encounter a problem with the purchase date and Angela Yee helped with drafting a letter and call to HDB to help with amendment. She later informed us all is good. She handled and overcame obstacles with an efficient cool demeaner. I am happy to give a 5 star rating. People, and the right motivated people make the process work!

  • Panda Wong
    Facebook Review

    I will strongly recommend to engage property Lim Brother. Very responsive team and very well structure especially Alexa and Angela they are very responsive no matter what time you sent them a question they will arrange a call back in very short time. They had sold my unit in record time within a week. After sale follow up also up to date till completion. Strongly recommend .👍👍👍. Well done team.

  • Jolyn
    Google Review

    5stars rating for both George and Angela whom I rely on and trust 100% on their advise and support through my very challenging sale and purchase transactions, from multiple viewings and sales preparation, amidst tight timeline and family considerations, they both remained cool and calm, giving me much assurance throughout the process. George and Angela were true professionals in this field and I will definitely recommend friends and family. Thank you! - Lay Hoon

  • Omni Name
    Google Review

    Angela Yee and Patricia Kong were absolute professionals who provided an excellent level of service. As my agents for the sale of my house, they were able to understand what buyers were looking for and match the best possible buyers with what my property has to offer. Will definitely want to work with them again for my next property transaction!

  • Derick Ang
    Google Review

    Angela and Felicia are superbly customer service oriented and capable negotiators. With their guidance and insight, the PLB team, successfully assisted us in selling our property. We signed on a tenant in the morning(at 5.8% rental yield) and sold the house in the evening of the same day! Overall, my wife and I really liked the way they handled the discussions with us and for us with potential buyers, which made the tenancy deal and sales process move along very smoothly. We liked their service so much that we engaged their help to look for our next unit as well. Lo and behold, with their prompt responses and efficient planning, we made an offer for our new house exactly 2 weeks later. Thank you Felicia and Angela!

  • John Fong
    Google Review

    Many Thanks to Wirdayu and Angela been our Best Agent with so much of help in assisting us during the course of our buy sell and buy process. Offering quick response whenever We need their assistance and advice. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Seetoh PJ
    Google Review

    Thank you PLB team for advising me on my property purchase as well as partnering with me in this journey. A special shoutout to Yu Rong and Jesslin for taking time to understand my needs and advising me on how to plan for my property investment portfolio. I appreciate how you have objectively shared your rationale in the proposed properties so that I can make a more informed choice. Also, a great thanks to Jesslin and Angela for helping me to source for potential tenants after I got the unit. 😄

  • David Ang
    Google Reviews

    We engaged Property Lim Brothers to sell our first matrimonial home. As first time home owners, we were very new to the whole sell and buy process, Angela and Caline are very patient and efficient to guide and assist us throughout. My wife was heavily pregnant with our 3rd kid when we first met them, and we truly appreciate their genuine helpfulness to ensure that the whole journey was a pleasant one. Not only did they manage to sell our house in a short period, they also manage to help us secure our next home so that we could move in smoothly with our newborn too. Angela served with her heart and went above and beyond her call of duty when she delivered herbal tea to our home when we were sick. Furthermore, she often takes initiative to help us with various post sales requests and errands. We are very thankful for both Angela and Caline and would definitely highly recommend them!

  • Ryan Liu
    Google Reviews

    We were represented by Angela & Patricia who were very thorough and professional through our entire property search process. We bought a place with tenancy and they both went above and beyond by agreeing to manage the tenancy for us until it was time for us to move in. PropertyLimBrothers are truly the new standard to beat in Singapore and we were very impressed with the overall experience. Highly recommend to all who are looking to buy/sell their next property!

  • Owen Seah
    Google Reviews

    Had a great experience selling our first property with Angela and George! They are always responsive to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. Would definitely recommend them to my friends 😊

  • Fanny Ng
    Google Review

    It’s our first time engaging PLB to sell our unit and George and Angela had definitely exceeded our expectations. Being a first time home seller, we were lost from where to start and the duo had definitely made our journey smoother. There were so much things which we have learnt through them during this short 4months from getting our unit ready for selling till the end of sales. Not only had George and Angela helped us to sell our unit, they had also helped us in securing our new home. From the bottom of our heart we would like to thank them for their dedication and hard work.

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