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We serve our buyers as if we are the buyers ourselves, we understand what property seekers want, and we help them find the perfect one they need.

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Buy New Launch or Resale Condo in Singapore?

Melvin and Adrian Lim from PropertyLimBrothers share the core factors to consider via a unique MOAT Analysis framework and even loan processes, while Cannis Seng from BR Law shares about the legal and financial aspects that are crucial for purchasing a private property.
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Chit Chat Sessions Ep 33

Sometimes, it’s better to wait it out for better offers From fist bumps to elbows, learn what attracted them to us, as well as some of the concerns that they felt initially when selling their property. Hosted by Marc and Beatrice.

At PropertyLimBrothers, we take pride in serving our buyers.

“Love your neighbour as yourself”
is what we pride ourselves by.

Being in this industry for so long, we understand the huge importance of making a decision on one of the largest investments in a buyer’s life. That is why we continuously place ourselves in our buyers’ shoes, whether it is based on their need for an own stay property or an investment home. We’ve got what it takes to help them make an informed decision.

New Launch Review Articles

Everyone loves new things, but is every New Launch worth buying into? What should you take into consideration before making that informed decision?

Case Studies

How We Sold

Being in this industry for so long, we understand the huge importance of making a decision on one of the largest investments in a buyer’s life. That is why we continuously place ourselves in our buyers’ shoes.

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Top 9 Reasons to Buy with Property Lim Brothers

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A Focused Buyer’s Team

When you engage PropertyLimBrothers for your property purchases or investments, we’ll be walking you hand-in-hand throughout your transaction journey. We’re committed to provide you with the necessary help!
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Portfolio Financial Analysis

We’ll gladly meet you to devise a financial plan tailored to your unique budget and requirements. This way, we’re able to address your concerns and gain a deeper understanding of your priorities.
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Combined 38 Years Experience

We dare say we’ve got what it takes to provide sound advice for homeowners, both potential and existing, to embark or advance in their property journey.
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Consultation Appointments

If you are looking to buy a property, PropertyLimBrothers is committed to bringing the best value and integrity to their clients. By booking a free consultation with us, you can look forward to professional help from the best in the country.
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In-House Renovation Advice

Not only do we assist you in securing your next home. With our bespoke 3D architectural visualisation team, we’re able to dish out captivating design proposals and present these plans to you!
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We’re proud of our work because we know our clients have given us their trust to look out for their needs and interests. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we guarantee you professional service from the get-go.
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Bankers and Valuations Assessment

We provide our buyers with a succinct bankers and valuations assessment that’ll give a clear indicator of a property’s valuation and what that entails for you.
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Comparison and Review Analysis

Unsure about your ideal property? We’re more than willing to provide you with comparison analyses and reviews of your options at hand. In fact, we conduct in-depth research to identify market trends and conditions that can inform your decision!
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Peace of mind with the team behind you

Combining our years of experience and cutting-edge analytical tools, we’re dedicated to providing you with the expert guidance you need to make prudent purchase decisions; with your best interests always at the forefront of our minds.

Why Settle for a ONE MAN SHOW?

Get a Creative Agency & Realty - Combined.





Narrow your property selection with PLB's MOAT Analysis Tool

Understanding and identifying the trends when investing in Real Estate are extremely important components of the investment journey.

Take the guess-work out of investing by identifying the key parameters and inherent factors of the property with MOAT Analysis, our live feed analytics tool consisting 11 factors of research that take emotion and gut feeling out of the picture.

With this proprietary tool, we make sure your key decision criteria are met and not the other way round.

Engage the Real Estate Company focusing on Selling your Home to its Fullest Potential, the team with more than 265 Google Reviews 4.8 Stars by Actual Satisfied Customers

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Engage the Real Estate Agency focused on selling homes to their fullest potential — backed by more than 424 Google Reviews and rated 4.8 stars by satisfied customers


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We rely on methodology,
not chance.

And the proof is in the numbers.

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There is a lot to consider before buying a house. We use an arrange of tools to calculate how you can get your perfect property

See how has property ownership across both landed and non-landed private properties performed over a 10-year period. These trends reveal insights into market availability and preference shifts among property buyers and investors. Use this information to align your real estate...
Singapore’s real estate market’s performance is significantly influenced several economic indicators, both micro and macro. Find out how the impact of these factors like GDP, CPI, Fed rates and bonds over the years can be conducive to real estate investment,...
Affordability and sustainability play pivotal roles in the realm of homeownership. Find out how property ownership in Singapore has evolved over the years, exploring shifts in household income and mortgage dynamics.
As part of efforts to tame the rapid rise in housing costs, the Singapore government introduced cooling measures. Take a look how these measures, alongside tough macroeconomic conditions influenced the our real estate market.
Who’s buying real estate in Singapore? Has the soaring real estate prices motivated buyers to consider RCR and OCR properties instead? Will luxury properties in the CCR region continue to appeal to local and foreign investors?
If you thought 2021 was a year of new launches, 2022 might surprise you. In 2021 alone, we saw 27 new launch projects, but this year, we might be seeing a number close to 40. So if you are thinking...

Complimentary Research Reports

A research report will be prepared for 3 projects including:

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